Becoming a Believe Lab member, you will give your contribution helping the Team towards the realization of its projects.

As a member you will be able to:

  • participate to the annual gathering of the team’s members, 7 Chakras Festival, which for the year 2018 will take place from 30 August to 3 September, at Agriturismo Poggio Colone in Tuscany (Lazio, Italy);
  • work with the Team during the events;
  • collaborate as dj, artist, exhibitor, performer, teacher or therapist;
  • propose new activities and labs.

The Membership is annual, and follows the course of the Solar year (January-December).

The price of the membership, varies according to the date of registration, and INCLUDES 5 DAYS OF ACTIVITIES at 7 CHAKRAS 2018.

1st Phase: 30€
from 12 January (sold out)
2nd Phase: 40€
from 1st February (sold out)
3rd Phase: 50€
from 1st May (sold out)
Gate: 65€

A very special price since the first contributors help the financing of the associative projects.

A friendly price, since the early contributors still partially help the financing of the associative projects.

The associative contribution helps the financing of the last expenses.

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Available during the Festival (till reaching maximum limit of participants)

At the gate of the Festival, the membership will be available at its full cost, to contribute the cost of the staff in charge of the membership section (which if in advance, would be automated).