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About us

We are a Cultural Association, and above all a tight group of individuals sharing a great passion for travels, music gatherings and nature.
Thanks to those passions, we have come in contact with the many different cultures of the World, and opened our minds to art and innovation.


We deal with the creation of multidisciplinary events, management of artists and professionals of the artistic/musical field, we provide professional support to events of variable scale, and we furthermore handle production, distribution and promotion of electronic psychedelic music.


Our website displays a calendar of events we organize, and of activities we believe in and support. Believelab members will access with a reduced or free ticket price.
You will also find informations on the artists we collaborate with, and all our last music releases.


Art and culture merge towards one unique goal, overcome our limits and rediscover who we really are.. forces of nature universally interconnected!
Creativity is the most powerful tool to help us reach that state of mind, and our aim is to support it in every form and expression.
We constantly work on new projects and we’re open to the ideas of everyone sharing our vision and willing to cooperate.. we are unite and we are strong!


Every calendar year (January-December) we open inscriptions to Believelab!
Various the ways to collaborate with us and the kind of help you can offer, check-out the Membership section for further infos.

Thank you for the visit and for your support!

the Team