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We are honoured to invite you at the 9th edition of JUNGLE CALLING.
It’s been 4 years of evolution, spreading our love for Nature and Music in our beloved Goa, and there’s no highest reward than seeing what it now became.
All of you Wilders give us an incredible motivation to continue through this project, and for the new editions, we are working at the ORIGENS land, preparing something that was never done before.
New concept, new decos, a line-up, framed by the amazing nature of our location.
The first phase of presale will start the 7th Dec at 7PM.
Tickets will be limited to ensure a comfortable journey.

Our theme is a Spirit mask, an ancestral symbol of connection with the soul of the nature. Ancient tribes believed its wearers could abandon their human identity and, helped by strong rythmics and ritual music, become the entity of the mask itself. For this, our mask represents Nature, the Spirit of the Jungle, and today we are bringing back this tradition to gift our dance-floors with the magic of a ritual. Thanks to all the artists who contribute and work every day to create great music. Thanks to all family, tribes and friends for being our strength. A magical flow has supported and carried us all the way, and we are deeply grateful. Feel the rhythm and don’t hold back, let the Jungle set you free!

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