RGB is a solo project by Luca born in 1988 in Vicenza, Italy.
Since the early days, an enthusiast of reggae music and their vibrant festivals, he began to approach the art of mixing.
Since early 2000, thanks to some colourful people he met along his path, he shaped his career around a graphic designer and, after discovering the Psychedelic Trance scene, he decided to embrace this magical world.
Always seeking new stimulations, new ideas and sounds, he teamed up with some international artists who happily shared their unreleased tunes to test; his powerful dj sets are enhanced by the use of synth pads such as Kaossilator.
He is also the founder of the psychedelic decoration/installation project called Cosmic Tools Tm.
Be prepared for passion, killer sounds and massive energy on the trancefloor

Written By: Gianluca Iarlori