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Grey Days


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The contents of this EP where made during days of insecurity, restrictions, barely any partying or dancing to loud music, news from friends dealing with day to day struggles, illness, tragic losses…I guess I could easily say we’ve fallen on black days.
Yet the coming of new life, the frequent waking during the night, the blessing of being able to swim in the sea, or walk in the woods, the off chance of having friends over for a long beach day at the Messinian bay and then hit the studio…contrast.

The good thing about being an artist is, if you have your studio and food, you don’t need much else.
Stuff we took for granted in the past and in some ways, we where failing at observing their significance, all of a sudden, become a light that washes away the darkness, at least to some extent.

Nothing is ever black or white, its just different shades of grey…grey is what adds depth by influencing shadows and contrasting darkness and light.

Artist: Nektarios