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Let’s tune our vibrations together to welcome Ilya Samadhi into the Lab. An artist we’ve known for many years in Goa, we have all danced to his unbelievable tracks such as Track Liberation with Parasense and Stoned Lions with Arjuna and many more…
It wasn’t too long ago, when Samadhi was busy working in his studio in cold Russia, he decided to surf random radio waves to see if there was something out there that could inspire him. As he slowly turned the dial, he caught a strange out-of-this-planet sound that he has never experienced before. The source was a mystery, but somehow, the tune seemed to activate something in him. As if directed by a force from outer space, he combined this with frequencies from his experiments with quantum mechanics and electromagnetic radiation. How does that even sound like? Let’s all look forward to his new release 👽
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Artist: Samadhi