BelieveLab/Jungle Calling Vol. 1

Jungle Calling Vol. 1

Jungle Calling Vol. 1

Jungle Calling Vol. 1

Believe Lab

This compilation is inspired by the events we have been putting up in Goa since a few years now called Jungle Calling and it’s dedicated to all our supporters, Jungle calling as a return to the roots, a proper gathering in the jungle!

We would like to thank all the Believe crew for never giving up even in the most difficult situations, our family for supporting us always, the supercrazy and colourful dancers and all of you for the love shown to us and our music and for giving us new inspiration every day.

Support art, try this new way of expanding your consciousness and spread the psychedelic message to the world.


Artist(s) Ajja, Dickster, Headworks, Samadhi, Overload, Virtual Light, Vertical, Drip Drop, Gaspard, Dimmitrion, Brain Jam, Dsompa, Confo
Product type Album
Style Psychedelic Trance
Release date 11/04/2016
Photo by N/D


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