In 2016, YAGE first participated in a psy trance festival. He is immediately totally enraptured by the harmonies and various forms of art that are enclosed in that environment, so much so that in march of the same year he decided to create his own project aimed at promoting psychedelic art in his territory through the organization of parties and events. Soon after, he began his career in music, and at the age of 19 he picked up two turntables for the first time.
After a short time, thanks to the help of his crew Logic.Answer. manages to fit into the circuit of some of the most important realities of the Italian underground scene, such as Shantï and WAO festival. For his dj sets he takes inspiration from artists like Ajja and Animalien that lead him to experiment.
For his dj set takes inspiration from artists such as Ajja and Animalien that lead him to experience a predominantly dark genre characterized by sophisticated sounds and energetic beats.
Together with his crew Logic.Answer is currently working on several projects, which involve him both as an active part and as an artist.

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