JuanMad is a project by Juan Manuel Do Campo Méndez, his first project “el M.A.D.” (distributor of midi adventures) created in 2005 with the idea of ​​making a style based on old school psy trance, this project not prosper but it thanks to that him to know the instruments to create music like his favorite old school artists, after 10 years after several experiences he decided to create a new project, Juanmad with the idea of ​​a style that would unify the new psy trends with the old school. Juan enjoying from 1997 until now this beloved music that changed his life. Much appreciated by the local public in Ibiza (his hometown), Juan has gained a lot of experience playing in clubs and free parties searching for the right formula of high quality rhythm and suitable psychedelia. How to express your sound? Well… we don’t like to catalog music, just enjoy it.

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