Sebastien was born in France but currently lives in Portugal, having spent some years in Switzerland and Indonesia before.
Actarus is Sebastien’s psytrance moniker, with which he joined Believe lab in 2019.
He also plays techno under the name Seb G, and in 2019 joined Canadian label Techgnosis Records.
Whichever style he is playing though, Sebastien’s attention to detail and balance shines through. His music selection is always cerebral and intelligent, but equally groovy and infectious on the dancefloor.
During he s 15 year of djing Sebastien play in more than 10 country , mostly in Europe and Asia, in some festival like Experience, Antaris, Summer never end , Freedom, Triplicity , Suti, Harmonic , Forest soul gathering, and more
Sebastien’s care for detail also extends to event organization and decor, having organized Burning Island festival in Indonesia from 2012-16 and Suti festival in Portugal from 2018 to the present.

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