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Fate impels each human being to always go further, impels him to infinite search.
And in this spiral rising we seek, return and add to start again on this journey made of circles and cycles, so too does nature, wich we a part of.
When spinning through the spiral on the wheel of time, you must express yourself wisely and be guided by harmony, so as not to get caught in any of its points.
Only in this way do we glimpse several other points, necessary for your life to be more complete, more whole.
The EP features 3 tracks that represent a transition, beginning the rising from an instant reaction until we are warmed up again.

π™’π™šπ™‘π™˜π™€π™’π™š 𝙖𝙗𝙀𝙖𝙧𝙙 @Aram
We are trilled to announce that this young talented artist in now part of the Lab

The word Aram derives from Tupi-Guarani and has as its main meanings: Sun and the primordial Time of Nature. As the sun at dawn or dusk the project has its moments moving from full on to Twilight.
In a minimalist way Álvaro Paranhos has been building a very fluid and characteristic sound, exploring in his thematic moments of trance and action – as well as human life – always in transition.

Peace and love.
Dance is active meditation

Artist: Aram